Happy Tree Friends
My bro downloaded full episodes of Happy Tree Friends the animated mini shows which I had no idea (I never heard before) what it's all about until I got a chance to watch it.

With the friendly beginning and all the cute, cuddly characters, I personally thought it's for small children.

But heck I then just realized that almost every episode actually has blood and violent death scenes. Ngeeee.

Tapi lepas tengok byk2, cam best plak hohe. Pernah tengok? Watch Happy Tree Friends here. Or download a sample here (right click, Save Link As..) and you will love it ha ha ha.

On not-at-all related topic, kitorang celebrate birthday mak(25/3) and abah(1/4) semalam at Pha-Pha Garden resaurant. Best dan sedap.

To mak and abah, semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki.


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