Salam Terakhir
Yesterday(25/3) was my last day of working at xybase (da kuar baru bleh gtau company name eheh). I learned a lot here, from technical to management, from position to politic, from friends to backstabbers. But I must say it's a memorable experience to have worked here especially to have those wonderful friends. Semlm the whole day ku control macho sedih gak laa huhu.

Tmpt tido Workstation ku

Simbolik pemergian

Me and colleagues had a lil farewell celebration having lunch at Carl's Jr. Burger beso. Best.

And after work, guess what? I got PUNK'D!! Bang Bang Boom ahaha. Depa neh plan pedajal ku dgn care lap campuran telur rebus + milo dr gelas tak basuh + limau mandarin raya cine punye + blablabla kat ku. That's gross! Habes baju Rain ku ahahaha. Chibeng budak2 neh.

Lps kejadian. You guys got me so good

We then watched Shutter, cherita hantu yang tak baper chuak mengesahkan seorang perempuan yang dianiaya semase hidupnye mmbalas dendam semase di alam rohnye.

It was a great day. I had fun.

It's been way great working with you guys. Thanks semua. And sorry for everything. SEE YOU.

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You guys rock!

oh ye, ku tau siape mastermind yang pedajal ku tuh. biau ku plak jd Shutter ha ha ha.


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