Rubiks X
This video shows simple steps to set different cube side center colors ;) (apart from the free promotion ;p.)

Youtube Video:

Blogger Video:

Blogger Super Nia wrote
watashi kagumm!!
meleleh air liur nengok!

Blogger The Zulus wrote
kagum... sebab aku tak pernah main benda nih! hehehehehe

Blogger Mohd Hafizd wrote

hang memang gila menatang nihhhh..hihi

Blogger DeeN wrote
aku tak pernah ler lulus main bende neh. Hang memang hebat la, d3ck! ;)

Anonymous promotional pen uk wrote
Very nice. This is really a very nice way to pass your time easily.........

Anonymous Online Finance Courses wrote
it's great! I always using this for pass my time. he he.....

Anonymous promotional pen uk wrote
ok so i know all the basi rubiks cube notations, but i cant seem to find anyone who know what "y" and "x" means. i want to memorize some algorithms but i dont know what they mean. if anyone knows please let me know.

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