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This blog is being attacked by spammers:

How the heck do I fight them, any idea?

Blogger Mr PenyuBiru wrote
paling simple letak word verification la kut

Blogger ad3ck wrote
trimas penyu ;)

Blogger Fieda wrote
aku pun kekadang ada dpt gak spammer nie.. tp masih terkawal lagi..kalo tak aku not allow anynomous..haha lagi kejam..

Blogger Super Nia Hana wrote
watashi tak ske word verificationnnnnn

tp kalo ko nk letak gak..watashi tegar kaco utk komen.ahaahahaha

blog ko beratttt!!!!
watashi kena tggu lama nk tgk hape yg ko cuba sampaikan kt watashi
*ceaa...sampaikan kt watashi kunun..ahahahaha

Blogger Super Nia Hana wrote
cess..br je cakap tk ske..rupanya ko dah ada word verification

tension mak noksss

Anonymous en_me wrote
fofulerrnyerrr abang muhaimin tewwww.. ekeke

Blogger puterikurekure wrote
sama la kite hana, tak suka word verification tu. menyusahkan. huhuhu~

Blogger DeeN wrote
Ko pam jer pakai pam tandas tuh hahahahaaa....!

kompom ker kalo pakai word verification tuh spammer tak buat hal dah? ;)

Blogger Masy wrote
mmg word verification tu leceh sket, tp itu jelah step paling simple blogger leh buat nk cegah (cegah tuu) spammer neh..

sy dah potong, anda bila lg?

Blogger The Zulus wrote

Anonymous promotional pen uk wrote
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Anonymous promotional pen uk wrote
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Anonymous Online Finance Courses wrote
Mail bombs are very ineffective. For one thing, the vast majority of spam nowadays is from spoofed email addresses. So you would end up trying to swamp a non-existent account.

Anonymous Free Advertising Company wrote
Why are you saying this "Welcome Spammer"..?

Anonymous Online Finance Courses wrote
Even if you manage to find a working email account, such as one used by a 419 slammer, a mail bomb won't be very effective.

Blogger Jard The Great wrote
ahaha.. lawak lak

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