Who is Our Hero?
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In times like these...

We have to ask ourselves several important questions.

How can you, I, our friends and children really trust that what we see on TV and hear on the radio is true?

How do we know that our opinions are really our own?

How can we be sure that the weak voices are heard and not scared into silence?

I can tell you how. This is one person we can thank for all of this.

We can thank this person for giving us new perspectives.

We can thank this person for giving us a chance.

This person gives us an alternative to uniformity and short-term thinking.

We owe this person for making an ordinary day into something special.

A day when we rise from the TV couch and say: "I've changed my opinion."

There's only one word that does full justice to that person: HERO.

Watch the video (worth each moment watching):

...or click here


Blogger Super Nia Hana wrote
ko tau tak..
waatshi LANGSUNG TAKBLEY bukak VC ko letak tuh

Blogger Masy wrote
akak tau dah sape hero ni.. sbb akak pon dah jadi hero lalalala~

Blogger DeeN wrote
Apa dia weh, apa dia? Penat tunggu nak load! Huhuk.

Baik layan Jay Zhou lg best. Heheheheeee... la la la!

Anonymous opaq malas nak log in wrote
lama giler loading...huhu...xde yang cepat ker?

Blogger The Zulus wrote
aku punya pulun bantai tgk.. ceh! hahaha

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