TM Net Streamyx ZTE ZXDSL 831 ADSL Modem

I have 2 PCs and a switch. I was having difficulties in connecting the PCs to internet at the same time using 1 Streamyx account but I made it last Friday thanks to Zuki, my U friend for the help.

Now if you have the same problem, I'm here to help ehehe. Let me just share the setup steps. To connect more than a PC to internet, you need to set the Streamyx modem as a router.

1 Log into



please be noted: username and password are case sensitive.

2 Click Advanced on the top menu, choose WAN, click button Add.

3 Set
-Service Category=UBR Without PCR

click button Next

4 Set
-Select protocol=PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
-Encapsulation Type:LLC/SNAP

click button Next

5 In WAN IP Settings
-Choose Obtain an IP address automatically
-Tick NAT checkbox

click button Next

6 In PPP User Name and Password,
fill in your
-username= yourusername@streamyx
-pasword= your password
-Select Always On - This allows you to connect automatically without having to dial login.

7 click Next, Apply

8 Set every PCs TCP/IP in your LAN to point to the modem as the gateway.

IP Address = 192.168.1.x (where x ranges from 2-254)
Subnet mask =
Default Gateway =

Preferred DNS Server =
Alternate DNS Server =

9 Done and happy surfing ;)

* * * * *

On unrelated topic, semalam ku tgk Akademi Fantasia (member ku cakap Akademi P*****S*** siot je tak baik tul ) yang rata2 semue suare sumbang yang ampooon. Ku rase suare jamban ku lagi sedap ehehe. Mungkin ku harus join ini:

Talent show anjuran bapak companyku. ;p

Jangan lupe AFUNDI adeck


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