Jogging @ TTT

Ku, mak & my bro pi jogging kat TTT (Taman Tasik Titiwangsa) pagi td. After 2 big rounds (yang of course panchit), I saw a number of DBKL people tgh buat flower plantation. Lawa bungenye, rase cam nak amek satu plastik.

Mase tgh warm down, ku dpt tau rupe-rupenye makku da dapat satu plastik. . Teka bunge pe neh?

Inilaa bunga Taik Tahi Ayam

Ku bau. Tak busuk pong. Disgusting name utk bunge yang lawa. Siape yang menamekannye eh?

By the way, one of my phone features is the ability to keep track how much you walk, jog or run. Here is my today's running result:

Saje je nak promote handphone neh share feature w580i neh hehe. However ku gagal mencapai standard fitness result which is 2.4km in 12 minutes.

Jom jogging!


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