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Assalamualaikum and hye.

Me at the moment is very busy. But somehow I do feel it's worth getting the heck out of this busy-ness for at least a second. Bukan per. Nak pecah paler neh wat projek jer.

I'd like to talk about my Budget 2006/07 Report. The pic shows the graph of my expenses over months. (click to enlarge).

The graph decreases to the smallest amount on March2007. Neh bukan nak riak ker per. Tapi just nak share ilmu yang ku wat since about a year ago. This really works. At least for me, and mamat yang suruh ku wat camneh.

Tutorial: How to control your monthly expenses

1. Write down each cent (yes, even a cent) you spend with the thing(s) you spend on.
2. Do step 1 every day.
3. Sum up all the expenses at the end of every month.
4. Start plotting the graph (expense-month). At the beginning, mungkin tak nampak hasilnya. but after some months, ko akan nampak turun naik graf ko haha. Dari situ, ko bley analyze per penyebab naiknye graf expense itu and start controling your expenses by mengadjust penyebab2 tuh. It takes time but it is worth it.


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