The Class Of Stars
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[click the pic to enlarge kalau nak tgk mamat macho kat blakang tu haha]

I've been more than 3 months now here training for building up the career as a professional programmer(cheh, poyo nampak. talking about poyo, recently aku esek dapat gelaran poyo jer. apsal hah?). I love this class dow. The best class I've ever been in. Period. Lagi2 dapat jadi CR haha.

Am very busy at the moment with very-soon-to-due project so I may be on hiatus for quite some time pasneh.

You: Bestuh, sempat lagi nak tulis post neh. Pegi la siapkan project!
ad3ck: yer, yer.

Till then see ya! goin to be missing u guys surely. :(

*jangan sambung letters kaler ungu!


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