Puzzle Mania (Part Finale)
___Iklan tak puas hati________________
Gambar neh menunjukkan result Manchester United lawan Arsenal baru2 neh!

___Iklan tak puas hati________________

Hye & welcome again to the most anticipating game-of-the-year Puzzle Mania (Part III) haha.

First off, I'd like to congratulate the 2nd part winner, tahniah Mr. Ninja Turtle!! Penyubiru! For the solution, tengok kat komen Penyubiru in the 2nd part.

Now, tanpa melengahkan masa, berikut ialah 2 soalan Puzzle Mania: Part Finale neh.

Good Luck!

1. Sila lihat gambar di bawah(Click to enlarge) dengan satu tenungan (this pic is an optical illusion). What do you see? (Clue: an animal)

2. The next pic shows a number of sad heads. How many sad heads are in this page? (saje kasi soalan senang sebab bermurah hati nak kasi hadiah)


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