Puzzle Mania (Part 2)
Hye and welcome again to the must-not-miss Puzzle Mania (part 2) haha. Now, before I proceed, here is the solution of Part 1 question:

___Solution starts here______________________
Use the square operation. Think about it. The sum of smallest squares is 8 (a row) x 8 (a column) = 64 rite? the next bigger square is a square of 4 smallest squares and it would be 7 (a row) x 7 (a column) = 49, and so on. Check that.

If you don't get it, start with this smaller figure. :)

It would be (2x2) + (1x1) = 5 squares

The solution would be:
(8x8) + (7x7) + (6x6) + (5x5) + (4x4) + (3x3) + (2x2) + (1x1) = 204

Yes, the answer is

I'd like to announce the Part 1 winner. Congratulations to Fuad!!

Kepada yang tak berjaya, cuba lagi. Anda masih berpeluang untuk memenangi Puzzle Mania neh haha. Hadiah menarik menanti pemenang!
___Solution ends here______________________

Now let's proceed..owh yer, before that, you may want to consider the terms first..:)


Figure above shows two rooms with each room has 3 switches and 3 lamps respectively. Now every switch is linked to a lamp in the other room.

Question: Now you are at the room with switches. You are allowed to go to the other room only ONCE. How do you know which switch is for which lamp?

[Soalan: Korang kat bilik yang ada suis tuh. Korang boleh pegi bilik sebelah SEKALI jer. Camner nak tau suis mane untuk lampu mane?]

Hint: A bit tricky but it's nothing but common sense. :)


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