Anwar Ibrahim vs Saiful Bukhari
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The issue of sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim is getting more interesting. The latest on Friday, local news broadcasts revealed Saiful Bukhari's blog, which the latest entry he wrote is about his roles as an ex-COFFEE BOY of DSAI.

Do drop by the blog, but be careful not to leave 'nasty' comments there or you'll stand a chance for a trip to ai-as-ae LOL.

Despite the threat, Anwar Ibrahim is more focused on the election in Permatang Pauh. He seems not interested with the sodomy issue. In fact he has started launching the small election campaign in his hometown yesterday (source:

But what if (and only if) Anwar Ibrahim did sodomize Saiful?
Kalau macam tu, aku sanggup keluar dengan beruk.


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