UiTM di Hatiku
I had a meeting at UiTM Shah Alam earlier today. It's been quite long since the last time I was there which was more than 3 years back. This morning the moment I got inside, the moment my Kanchil passed each and every building, all the memories when I was one of the students there were suddenly alive again in my head.

Fakulti Teknologi Maklumat & Sains Kuantitatif

This is the place that gets me to where I am today. I clearly remember every hard day I had to get through to be among the best. I mean the best. I still remember most tutors/lecturers that had helped and guided me to get results everyone dreamt of.

Menara Sultan Abdul Aziz

Here is where my friends and I had convocation day, the old building that helps the young.

What's new (to me)?

The new UiTM center. No idea what's the building name.

Engineering course buildings.

Sidewalk gallery.

and many more.

I miss UiTM.

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