Teep & i spent the whole yesterday pacaring at KLCC. We watched Definitely, Maybe - a romantic comedy, quite boring but the movie does give a message particularly on how to start and keep relationships. Yang nak kawen tuh sesuai tengok ;p. Kalau tengok, find out what wee-wee means ehehe.

After late lunch, we went to Convention Centre to visit the National Intellectual Property Day exhibition organized by myipo. Orang tak ramai ngat. Mungkin sebab da petang. Ataupong mungkin sebab program tuh tak best hehe.

Kuang asam, siape pulak park kereta ku kat sini?

We learned some useful information about imitation, siap ade demonstration to differ yang mane tulen and yang mane palsu, and how do they look like.

Originals vs Imitations

Ade jugak Malaysian products like Teh Sabah, health and beauty products, Proton, new inventions like sistem penapisan air and penyejuk punggung kerusi kereta(??).

Then ku ajak Teep and special guess, Zaid yang merupekan fan Chelsea tuh, watch the big match MU-Chelsea kat NZ, Wangsa Maju.

Man of the match: mamak, no 2 dari kanan bawah

Ye, tau, M.U kalah 2-1. Menang penalti boleh la oi! ;p.


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