Let's sing the kfc zoo song!

"Let's go to the zoo~ that're lots of things to do. blablabla da tak ingat..;p"

Yer, Zoo Negara was our next Visit Malaysia Year 2007 destination. The last time I went was when I was 6 kot.

It was another great class outing after PD arituh. Everyone was having fun. Best. And super penat as well.

Followings are some amazing moments we had.

At the entrance

After getting inside,
ad3ck: So where do we go first?
Kawan: Let's see.

Lokasi pertama. !dang!

With lotongs. Jangan konpius plak, yang pakai baju putih tuh aku, bukan lotong!

In the Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium, mengagumi kebesaran yang Maha Esa.

A fifteen five minutes break.

Sang leher panjang.

Elephunks eating bananas.

Yes. Another break.

Gaya tak penah masuk zoo.

The multi animal show at 3pm.

Aik, titicaca. pe ko buat kat situ?

Brother bear~

Mr Belang.

Kesian ku tengok Penyubiru kura-kura neh. Tak bermaya jer dia hehe.

Believe it or not, a snake eating a snake!

Yang mana paling tinggi?

Kalau da jodoh tak ke mana. ;p.

The end.

Laa..ween was zooing gak on the same day? awat tak habaq?


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