In this tutorial, I will show you simple step-by-step on how to decrease menu show delay and thus increase the speed of your Windows all program listing when you click the Start button.

Start button

1. Click Start >> Run...

Run windows

2. Type "regedit", and click OK.

3. In the Registry Editor, in the left pane, expand My Computer >> HKEY_CURRENT_USER >> Control Panel.

4. Click (not expand) Desktop folder icon. A number of functions will be listed in the right pane. Double click MenuShowDelay.

MenuShowDelay string editor

5. The default value data is 400. Change to 0 and click OK.

6. Close the Registry Editor, and restart your PC. (You must restart your PC to see the difference)

7. Experience the super speed menu show when you browse your favorite programs (Start >> All Programs). And remember, have fun!

Please note: This tip only works in Windows environment.

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