I've been going for a number of meetings since I started at current company couple of months ago. It's including mostly (in fact all) government agencies like Ministry of Health, KBS, MPKJ, PERKESO, KTMB, MPAJ, JKR blablabla.

Jakon tak penah jumpe bende neh. Esek nak picit button kat situ je LOL.

Mase kat Rome, Italy KTMB

Berape kali da ulangalik pi Putrajaya

Now why do I like having to go for meetings?
1. I get to know more government personnels which increase the chances to be a government personnel LOL.
2. To improve my communication skills.
3. And the best thing is, when I travel using my Kanchil, I can make a mileage claim of petrol rate, if you know what I mean ahahahaha.

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