Puzzle Mania Season 2 Winners
Here's the answers of Puzzle Mania Season 2 (Part 3):

1. A Day Unemployed

2. 2 orang pemandu. (Bace semule soklan tuh betol2 n check kat perkataan '2 orang pemandu', it's actually an image )

Pemenangnyeeeeeeee ialaaaaaah...

Congratulations Cekago!!!

Err siape cekago neh eh? Takde blog pong. Ntah2 secret admire ku ehehe.

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Congratulations to all the winners, Dzuhriah, Penyubiru, and Cekago. To the rest, thank you for participating, don't get disappointed and try again next time in Puzzle Mania Season 3 .

Very important: To winners and all Puzzle Mania 2 promoters, sile emailkan email dan nama blog (utk promoters shj) anda kepade mmmisa83@yahoo.com utk tujuan penyampaian hadiah. Siape bagi lambat kansel hadiah ahahaha.

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