Who Will Win The WC06 Tonite?
Yeah, we know that Germany won the 3rd place in the WC06 beating Portugal 3-1..I watched the first half of the game, and the match was pretty fast..but I was to sleepy then to continue the second half..so I miss all the four goals..waaaa..nevermind, Astro does provide the re-play of the match..hehehe..Below are the moments when Schweinsteiger scored the goal..

Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger, left, turns away after scoring the opening goal during the World Cup 3rd place soccer match between Germany and Portugal.

Germany's coach Juergen Klinsmann jubilates jubilates after Bastian Schweinsteiger, not seen, scored his side's second goal during the World Cup 3rd place.

But hey, over is over..Tonite we are gonna watch even the biggest, the most critical, and the world record changing game..It's the WC06 final betweeen Italy and France!!! this is B.I.G big guys..Who will grab the cup?

Will Italy win?

Will those 3 stars turn to 4 on Monday?

Or, Will this Arsenal Actor of the Year hold the cup? ;p

Who will win tonite, France or Italy? Time will tell..hehehe..

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