W580i Step Counter
One of my W580i phone features is Step Counter that has the ability to count every step I take (when walking, jogging or running). At night before sleeping, I use the steps total to check how far I have walked that day. The farther I walk, The better my fitness level. Agree?

When I was in Asiaxpress, average steps total a day was 9000 to 10000 steps (I took LRT so I walked quite a lot). But heck now in the new place, I walk less than 1000 steps a day (I use Kancil for travelling). It's 9:1 in ratio. Adekah ini tanda2 ku akan jadi seorang yang gemuk dan lembab suatu hari nanti?

Kene jogging at least once on weekdays neh.

p/s: I'm looking for a fine and cheap t-shirt design and printing company, any suggestion? "In your dreams" is not accepted LOL.

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